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Major Medical Insurance

Secure Life Benefits provides a comprehensive selection of benefit programs to meet the needs and budgets of our clients (employers, associations, credit unions, etc.). We continue to work to balance benefit levels with affordability. Because benefits programs play an integral part of employee job satisfaction and retention, we continually work with our carriers to create innovative programs to meet the needs of our clients. Working as an extension of clients' human resource departments, our professional staff assists in all aspects of employee benefits to ensure client satisfaction.

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Hour Bank Accounting

The Hour Bank is a mechanism for Service Contract Act and Davis Bacon Act contractors to pay benefits on an hourly basis in lieu of paying the mandated fringe benefit wage in cash to the employee. This allows employees to accumulate hours which are used to maintain coverage when they do not have the standard number of hours worked in a month. Additionally, by providing benefits instead of paying the fringe benefit wage in cash, the employer saves on FICA, FUTA, Workers Compensation premiums, etc. 

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Disability Insurance Services

Professional Disability Insurance

Protecting your most valuable asset, your ability to earn an income, during your working years is sometimes overlooked. We offer specially designed programs for high income earning individuals and professional athletes.

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Life Insurance Services

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between an individual and an insurance company. In this contract, the insurance company agrees to pay a stated amount of money to a beneficiary, under certain conditions, in exchange for a sum of money called the premium. It is important that you understand that a life insurance policy is, in fact, a legal contract. In other words, it is an agreement between two parties to do something in exchange for the premium that is paid to the company.

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Premium Financed Life Insurance

Premium Financing offers an alternative way to pay for life insurance premiums when you need a substantial amount of life insurance but do not want to liquidate assets in order to obtain coverage.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a way of ensuring that your family and financial goals are met after your death. It is also a method of minimizing the tax implication of the transfer of “property” from one generation to the next. A complete Estate Plan will include: a will, an assignment of power of attorney, a living will or medical power of attorney, and in many cases a trust.

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a vital area of planning for small or family-owned businesses. This area of planning is often overlooked and can create serious implications when a business partner or family member dies or desires to retire from the company. Our PASS Plus strategy is one of our frequently utilized programs to allow for an economical smooth transition.

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